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Brooks Ghost 11 review 

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Solid comfort for any length of a run. Suitable for daily Sports use

Let’s start brooks ghost 11 review with Pros and Cons!

Pros  Cons
  • Amount of soft cushioning, particularly in providing ankle support.
  • External mesh material allows for breathability, while the inner mesh, made from the same material that’s on the heel wall, provides optimum comfort
  • Highly suitable for both running and walking.
  • Great Lock Down
  • True to Size Fit
  • Waterproof Version Available
  • There have been some reports of the Ghost 11’s material wearing out after a few months.
  • Shoelaces could be longer.
  • The Outer mech is not quite # as durable as previous models of the Brooks Ghost.

Brooks Ghost 11 review and comparison 

There’s nothing worse when a brand/company radically changes the design on a product and do away with what made the product successful in the first place. Like in movies when they make a sequel and replace all the original characters, it just never seems as good. Brooks know what works, with their successful Glycerin series of shoe proving increasingly popular, the time is right for them to produce a smash hit with the Ghost 11’s.

Luckily for fans of previous Brooks Ghost models, small enhancements have been made to the Brooks Ghost 11 review to optimize comfort and reliability, which are two of the main things people will look for in running shoe. These new features make the 11th edition of the Ghost’s model Brooks’s best offering yet.

The new Ghost 11’s were released in August 2018, replacing the Ghost 10’s that came in August 2017 and Brooks have introduced some minor tweaks to optimize the Ghost experience. So fear not, the new Ghost 11’s are not like a bad movie sequel, more like a triumphant entrance.

Here is the complete Guide of brooks ghost 11 review

wonderful Design of Brooks Ghost 11; Upsole, Midsole, Bottom

The Ghost 11’s are more streamlined than the 10’s look, and with a smaller toe cap, the 11’s provide greater movement at the front of the foot, particularly if the runner is running on uneven surfaces or trails. With greater flexibility at the front of the shoe, this allows for a more comfortable experience when on uneven ground and lessens the chance of irritation or rubbing from the shoe. This is a critical factor to consider when you’re looking at buying any new pair of shoes; you don’t want them to be rubbing when you start wearing them and avoiding blisters, or irritation was a great thing in my experience with the Ghost 11’sBrooks Ghost 11 design

With the Ghost 11’s, Brooks have gone back to the flat lace look of the Ghost 9’s compared to the round laces of the Ghost 10’s, a minor detail, but it’s the testament to the design that long term fans of Brooks sneaker will notice.  The inner material is soft when putting the shoe on, no sharp edges or harsh seems. Very comfortable but not overly padded.

The men and women’s Ghost 11’s come in a variety of up to 10 colors. Depending on the width of your foot as well the width of the Ghost 11’s range from Narrow to Extra Wide so whether you have more of a Neutral Foot or are more Flat Footed, there should be a size that accommodates your needs.

The outer mesh provides a breathable light material, which will stretch with the runner as they run, while still providing proper containment of the foot. The mesh is quite secure, but it does have some flexibility ad the runner extends their stride.  What the Ghost 11’s do well is retaining a stable comfort level, without having that ‘running on pillows’ feeling. With the risk of injury prevalent, particularly in road running, the Brooks Ghost 11’s do an excellent job of retaining comfort while providing sturdy ankle support. To buy any kind of sports EXtensions visit us.

Spaces of Ghost 11

At 11 Oz in weight, but they feel very light when you wear them when you first see the Ghost 11’s they can look a little clunky, especially with that 12mm Heel To Toe Drop. But first impressions can be deceiving, and they are light, comfortable shoe and can very much be the ‘go-to’ option for more experienced or serious runners who have a variety of shoes they choose from.

The Heel To Toe Drop on the Ghost 11’s is 12mm. With the 12mm drop the Ghost 11;s provide greater cushioning to the runner. Now I get it, some people reading this review will disagree with that statement, The Heel To Toe Drop is one of those contentious points among the running community. With people split into two sides as to whether a larger or smaller Heel To Toe drop reduces or increases the chance of injury. This review isn’t a place for that debate, and my opinion is the drop on the Ghost 11’s works great for providing a soft cushion for your feet as you bring your heel down in your stride.

I think after reading brooks ghost 11 review, everyone will buy it.

Who are The Brooks Ghost 11’s For

Brooks have advertised the Ghost 11’s as a neutral shoe. Meaning the Brook Ghost 11’s are best suited to those of you with a high foot arch. The outsole of the new Ghost 11 brings a slightly thicker outsole through the forefoot than what Brooks previously had in the Ghost 10’s, and this provides a little bit more cushioning for the forefoot as it lands through the running stride. The outsole is also a complete single contact zone. With a relatively broad heel base, the 11’ allow for excellent support for those of you that are heavy heel strikers, so no reason to worry about a potential injury to your heel.

One of the areas that the Ghost 11 particularly excels in, is the critical period towards the end of a long run when the consistency of the stride can waver somewhat as fatigue sets in. Having a shoe that retains a stable shape and keeps the foot supported towards the end of a run is a vital part of reducing the risk of injury and Brooks have done an excellent job at achieving this with the Ghost 11’s.

As I mentioned above, Brooks have excelled themselves with the new midsole in the Ghost 11’s. The new DNA Loft Technology aims at giving the runner a soft crash pad. The DNA cushioning, made from a gel base will mold and sculpt according to the amount of force it receives. So no matter what style of running you do, whether your an experienced road runner or someone who is just getting started the Ghost 11’s will provide what you need.

The DNA Loft has a unique construction that allows it to be responsive and durable, yet ultra-lightweight. Very responsive through the forefoot, with a significant amount of impact guidance meaning that as your foot hits the ground, you get a considerable amount of cushioning to reduce the impact and allow for a smooth transition as you go into your next stride.

After receiving my pair of Ghost 11’s, I wanted to test them out on different surfaces to see if the clams about the DNA Loft Technology held up. I ran a couple of times of the normal asphalt road surface around where I live, and the Ghost 11’s were comfortable, and I didn’t notice any pain in my feet after the run, which I’m particularly wary of due to injuries in the past. Although the Ghost 11s are fit or any length of run, they are ideally designed for longer distances while maximizing comfort, more so than they are built for speed. Keep in mind as well that the Ghost 11’s are primarily designed for road running. Despite performing well on multiple surfaces, Ghost 11’s succeeded best when used for road running

Brooks do a great job at making the padding around the heel very comfortable, nice and supportive but not too tight around the ankle. I found that they did a great job of supporting my ankles, especially since I’ve had a couple of minor ankle injuries in the past so having strong ankle support is imperative when I’m looking to buy a new pair of running shoes. What you don’t want though is the ankle support to be too tight, you don’t want to restricted blood flow to your feet. I never felt this with the Ghost 11’s they are supportive, while still allowing enough room for my feet to move around comfortably.

The Conclusion

When buying anything, it can be confusing to know what is suitable and what isn’t, especially with each company claiming that their product is the best. Brooks have delivered with the Ghost 11’s; they provide a comfortable, light shoe, that will guide you through many miles.

Brooks have done an excellent job of not complicating things, adding a few minor tweaks to the already impressive Ghost 10’s. I’d recommend Ghost 11’s to any runner, experienced or just getting started. With the new DNA Loft technology, Brook has hit the mark for a new softer cushion which runners are increasingly seeking. With its sleek design available in a variety of colors, there should be a pair to suit every taste.

While the debate may rumble on within the running community about the benefits or negatives of the differences between the Heel To Toe ratio and what works best, the main advice is to trust how a shoe feels and the support it provides. As you’ve seen from this review, I’m of the opinion that Brooks has done a great job at creating a reliable solid shoe, that should serve you well. In the cons section, I’ve noted that there have been some reports of Ghost 11’s material wearing out after a few months, but nothing is ever perfect. There have also been many cases of satisfied runners, where this has not been the case. Nothing is ever going to be perfect.

So, if you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable shoe to either kick start your running life or just looking for some comfy new footwear Brooks have got you covered with the Ghost 11’s.

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