Babolat Pure Drive 2015 

The Babolat Pure Drive 2015 is one of the most widely used racquets and is currently listed as ‘Amazon’s Choice’ on the popular selling site. Babolat Pure Drive 2015 still the best selling tennis racquets among all kind of users.

One reason why this particular racquet is a favorite among many tennis players is that it was designed and manufactured only after the makers spent adequate time researching on what players felt most comfortable using and what changes or improvements could be made in the design to allow users to display their best performances on the court. Interested at best tennis ball machine? then just read our full review about best tennis racquet.

Babolat Pure Drive 2015 Babolat Pure Drive 2015 review

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One change or update that can be noticed on this particular model is that the sweet spot has been moved to a higher point on the hoop. Today we are going to breakdown and review each essential part of this popular racquet and see how it does in each sector.

If you are on the lookout of a new racquet then this one might be the right one for you- but you can only know for sure after reading our full review on the product below. We will be discussing its upsides as well as its downsides so you can rest assured that this will not be a biased review.

A Quick Look at the Product:

  • Head size- 100 sq. inches/ 645 sq. cm
  • Length- 27 inches
  • Balance- 4 Points Head Light
  • Weight (when strung)- Approx 11.2 ounces/310g
  • Unstrung
  • String Pattern- 16 mains/19 crosses
  • Composition- Graphite

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Let us first start with how the Pure Drive does for certain techniques:

Ground Strokes (Forehand/Backhand)

The ‘sweet spot’ on the Pure Drive can be found much higher up in the hoop- something unique about this product. This seems to work for most people and have received quite a bit of appreciation. We trust that the rise in sweet spot actually increases power and also allows decent spin. Babolat Pure Drive 2015 review

For players who make contact on the top end of the string bed will definitely love this aspect of design while those who usually make contact on the lower end should also be able to adjust and quickly get the hang of it as the string bed is responsive which should result in better hits.


You can enjoy playing around the net just as well with this racquet. Quick to set to position whether you are adjusting to net exchanges or defending a shot, you will feel that the power comes easy which boosts player confidence.

Keep in mind that with so much power you might feel uneasy to play shots that require poise and accuracy but no matter what style of play you are most confident in, you will find your way around with this product in your hand.


One of the greatest things about this racquet is that it delivers an incredible amount of control and allows for consistency on the tennis court. During serves, this control combined with the right amount of spin works perfectly well.

Serve Returns

This is where you can appreciate the speed and maneuverability of the racquet. You can get your magic wand to respond in any way you order it to and make all necessary movements in seconds to return first serves. The stability and power will be felt well while playing this shot.

If there is any concern then once again it is the raised sweet spot which some players may not be familiar with in the beginning.

Material and Construction

The Pure Drive Racquet by Babolat features a bright and bold design which is highlighted by the black and blue contrast.

The frame incorporates the Cortex System which provides decent padding. With shock absorbing properties, vibration is significantly reduced which results in greater comfort and usability.

Technologies Incorporated

Frame String Interaction Technology- Located higher in the hoop of the racquet, this technology was integrated to allow the ball to keep contact with the string bed for much longer than other racquets. As the sweet spot can be found much higher on this racquet- players will notice a significant increase in power and responsiveness.

Cortex Technology Babolat has gone the extra mile to improve comfort and feel for the player with this technology. It aims to not only reduce vibration but also dampen vibrations to allow comfortable usage and better control.

GT Technology This technology targets to add strength to the frame which also allows accuracy and stability when hitting the ball. With the utmost power and control offered by the sturdy frame, one can transfer the power in their shots.



  • Delivers amazing power
  • Great spinning action
  • Responsive and easy to control
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for all playing techniques
  • Beginners will find this racquet stiff
  • Reports of noise produced after hits

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this tennis racquet mainly for?

The Pure Drive is best suited for intermediate and advanced level players although beginners can also benefit from its smart design, durable construction, and playability. The unique location of the sweet spot may, however, take some time for a few players to adjust to regardless of their playing style or skill level.

Is this racquet comfortable to use?

Yes, it is a very comfortable racquet to use for most but beginners may find it a bit stiff, to begin with. The stiffness may result in sore arms for those new to the game.

Can I serve well with this racquet?

The newly positioned sweet spot gives a bit of height which improves the angle of launch during a serve. The Pure Drive does well for groundstrokes as well as it does for volleys and we noticed no problems during serving either.

Final Verdict

We have come to the end of this review and we must say that the Pure Drive 2015 by Babolat has certainly impressed us with its amazing power, grip and unique position of the sweet spot. It works well for all playing techniques and has a good feel to it. However, we recommend this racquet mainly to intermediate to advanced players as it can prove to be rather stiff for new players.

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