Babolat pure aero review

Tennis is a popular sport among people of all ages and with famous tennis players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andre Agassi and Serena Williams ( just to name a few) gracing the T.V screens we can’t but help want to play with the same power, technique and finesse on the tennis court. this article you will read babolat pure aero review, which would be great for babolat fans.

babolat pure aero review babolat pure aero review

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Of course, it takes a lot of dedication to reach that kind of skill level but the journey is made easier with the right kind of tool- in this case a racquet. Now here is the good news- almost all racquets used by our favorite tennis players are accessible to the general public and today we have picked a model which is the great Rafael Nadal’s choice of the racquet.

The Babolat Pure Aero is one of the new and upgraded racquets by the popular brand and just the fact that it accompanies one of the greatest heroes of the sport to international games is enough to get our full attention. So if this little intro has also grabbed your attention then read on to find out more about the Pure Aero Tennis Racquet review and decide for yourself if it is something you would want to use to display your talent on the tennis court.

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Babolat Pure Aero (2019) Specifications:
Head size-               100 in²/ 645 cm²

Length –                   27 inches/68.5 cm

Weight-                    Unstrung: 300g/10. 6 oz, Strung: 318g/11.2oz

Balance-                   32.99cm/4 points headlight

String Pattern-      16 mains/ 19 crosses

Let’s talk about the pros and cons. 

Positive sides little Problems
  • Produces amazing power and spin
  • Increased head speed
  • Good interaction between ball and strings
  • Comfortable and easy to control by beginners
  • Ideal for baseliners
  • The visuals may not please everyone
  • Not the best racquet for playing at the net


We hate to start with anything other than a positive note but unfortunately, we have to mention that at first glance the Pure Aero is not the most attractive racquet on the planet. If you like the combination of yellow and black (and we don’t mean the nice yellow) then you probably won’t mind the contrast, or if you could care less about the visuals then you have nothing to worry about. But if you prefer smart or cool color tones then watch out for the ‘in-your-face- paint job on this one.

But thank goodness for the fact that the visuals don’t really play a role in the performance or quality of the stick.


So now coming to the good stuff or the stuff that really matters.

This racquet works just about for anyone equipped with basic tennis skills. You really don’t have to be pro to get the best out of the Pure Aero- in fact, this racquet is so easy to adapt to that it will probably squeeze out skills from within you on the playing court that you had no idea you possessed.

If you have a rough idea of what style you are most skilled at this racquet will take it from there and help you achieve impeccable results in every game. Keep in mind though that if you naturally like to play at the net then you might not be too impressed with what this racquet has to offer as it is more of a baseliner’s stick.

Nevertheless, this is one of the most comfortable racquets out there, especially with the company’s Cortex Pure Feel technology that aims at making the product easy on the arm upon contact.

Ground Strokes:

If you love to play at this range then trust us when we say that you will be impressed with the way the racquet handles techniques that fall in this category.

You will immediately notice a great deal of power and spin as you play from the back of the court- which new players will also find comfortable and easy to master. The ball does reach a higher height and comes back down with precision- something that automatically gives you greater control.

The frame also delivers a responsive feel which may or may not be your thing but it is definitely a preference that many players have. One small issue that players may face when trying to hit the ball flat is that the high amount of spin and power kind of becomes difficult. This further makes it hard to hit attacking shots by those who are weak at flattening the ball.


We felt that the Pure Aero did more justice to groundstrokes than while playing at the net. This is again mainly because the racquet is too powerful and less stable for this kind of approach.

Sometimes with so much power, a racquet seems hard to control and when you need to hit a short volley or drop shot this becomes quite a task. However, we are not completely writing off this racquet for playing at the net because its maneuverability should be enough to help you just get it out there while playing these shots.


Time to bring back that smile on- with the Pure Aero you can serve exceptionally well and that too without much effort.

It seems like the natural spinning ability and high speed produced by the stick will set the ball chiming down the court and give your opponent something to worry about.

You should also be able to produce a good amount of topspin during your second serve which will not be the easiest for your opponent to return.


The Babolat Pure Aero review is an upgraded version which means that it retains all the amazing traits of the older versions and comes with even better features to suit the needs of players.

The racquet offers a good level of comfort for new players which make it a very adaptable stick. It works really well for baseliners and shots that require extra spin and power but we cannot say the same for volleying. Overall it is a decent racquet for players of all skill levels but is better suited for serving and groundstrokes.

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