Best shoes for roofing ( top 20 )

If your specialty is roofing then you will need a mate that will help complement your skill. And you know must need the best shoes for roofing.

Having a pair of roofing shoes will not only let your feet move easily but also it will make them stick to the ground while letting you work comfortably. You will find such a pair in the form of skateboarding shoes or work boot. But since there is a variety of footwear for such a job, you will need our help to get the best.

And for this, we have compiled 13 best shoes for roofing that have been designed just to make your job comfortable and easy.

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best shoes for roofing
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The list of best roofing shoes

  • DDTX S1P Men’s Athletic Work Shoes 

Let the look of S1P by DDTX impress you. This pair is something to just grab and wear. Having constructed with microfiber leather, the upper has been made just to show the side of its durability. Since you will be engaged in roofing work, you will love the traction that the pair has, thanks to its rubber sole. Not only it has been made slip-resistant, but also you will find it shock absorbent.

Besides, the penetration resistance of midsole is another big plus. This particular feature makes it resistant to piercing sharp objects while protecting the entire foot. Not only that, as the pair is all non-metallic, you will find it comfortable as well as soft.

Speaking of comfort, its insoles have been equipped with EVA foam that is likely to offer comfort. However, some people felt that the brand has used cheaper material for the insoles.

Another issue they found with the pair is with the size of the shoes. The pair has been marked to run a bit big. But these are just small cons and should not stop you to go and grab these best shoes for roofing.

*****Pros ***Cons
  • Durable and solid.
  • Great traction.
  • Shock absorbent.
  • Penetration resistant.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Insole material feels cheap.
  • Might run a bit big


Timberland Mens Squall Canyon

The brand Timberland surely makes sure that your feet never hurt while wearing this Squall Canyon pair. The first thing to notice about this pair is its waterproof feature. The full-grain leather has been a smart pick for the construction of the shoe. And we can also say that the durability is too ensured. 

A small con is that this material makes the shoe a bit warm, so if you’re roofing around the warmer place, it won’t be very ideal. However, the shoe has been equipped with OrthoLite cushioned footbed for its insoles. So, you will get the benefit of long-term cushioning and also enjoy other features antimicrobial function as well as moisture transport.

Having ultra-breathable material will not lose it’s cushioning and promises to keep the shoe comfortable and supportive. Although some users felt it pretty bulky and heavy, once you get used to wearing the pair for roofing, it should be alright. The thickness and solidity of the sole are impressive where it offers flexibility and easy movement to your feet.

So, calling it the best shoes for roofing won’t be wrong.

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*****Pros ***Cons
  • Well-cushioned.
  • Great traction.
  • Great support.
  • Feels warm.
  • A little bulky and heavy.

Perfect for roofers who spend several hours in such works. This is what Georgia’s Boot Work has to offer. Its durability has been ensured by its leather material making it a solid boot to wear. Moreover, the shoe comes with Goodyear Welt Construction where the strip of leather known as welt runs along the outsole’s perimeter so that you can re-sole the pair repeatedly. 

Besides, you will also fall in love with its grip ability that has been guaranteed by its rubber sole. So, a big plus for its slip resistance. You will also find it has 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation that comes in 1000 grams weight. This feature helps a lot in locking out the cold so it can keep your feet warmer and comfier. So, this is a note to every roofer that the pair is solely for wearing in colder weather.

Another feature to highlight regarding the pair is its Arctic Toe Technology. This one helps in offering more room in the toe box area so that your toe can get a space to move. However, some people felt a little snug in that area, but that is not a big issue. Coming with steel shank is a big relief since it will offer you optimum protection against punctures while providing comfort especially in the toe area.

Not just that, you will also love its Georgia Waterproof System that helps resist the moisture from getting into it.Some of you might find it a little heavy in weight, but you will get used to it.

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*****Pros ***Cons
  • Goodyear Welt Construction for frequent re-sole of the pair.
  • Great traction.
  • 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation helps lock the cold out.
  • Steel shank for toe protection.
  • Georgia Waterproof System.
  • A little heavy.
  • Feels snug in the toe area.

you will love the fun factor, especially on the inside while the padded insole adds lightness and comfort to your feet. Although the sole feels pretty thin it should not bother you that much since the con does not affect much.

However, Selkirk comes in synthetic material so you will love how light it will weigh. Not just that, the pair is also able to last for long. Speaking more of the construction, you will find the shoe fleece lined coming with faux fur trimming on both tongue and top of the pair. It does only give you a cozy and warm feeling but also works well as an insulator making it a perfect pair for winter. To add more, the upper has been constructed with faux suede where there is heathered wool stripe on top of Selkirk adding a chic look to the boot.

Not only that, but you will also love the waterproof feature in the toe area although the shaft has not been made waterproof. The traction is superb for its rubber outsole so you can do your roofing job with ease. So, overall we can say that you will find it the best shoes for roofing.



  • Padded insole for lightness and comfort.
  • Great traction.
  • Fleece lined functioning as an insulator.
  • Heathered wool stripe adds style.
  • The fur on the inside offers good-look and comfort.
  • Waterproof toe.
  • The shaft is not waterproof.
  • Thin sole.

  • Rocky FQ0002167 Alphaforce

If you want a pair that will do nothing but take care of your feet, then this Alphaforce by Rocky fills that bill nicely. Coming with a find combination of leather and textile, the Alphaforce promises to be durable and solid to endure the abuse that you can get during roofing.

Its outsole coming with lugged oil and slip-resistant rubber material offers great traction and makes sure you don’t slip from the roof. Not just that, the boot also comes with ROCKY waterproof construction so that no moisture gets into the boot that easily. Plus, you will also have a black airport foot-bed that does not only offer long-lasting comfort but also has support to provide.

Although the interior of the should have used more padding, there is nothing to get concerned. You will just need to concern about the break-in the time since the boot feels quite narrow to wear. Having said that, you will love its comfort and support, thanks to its non-metallic stabilizer.



  • Great traction.
  • Lugged oil and slip-resistant outsole.
  • Features ROCKY waterproof construction.
  • Black airport footbed for comfort and support.
  • Non-metallic stabilizer for comfort and support.
  • Takes time to break in.
  • Interior of the heel requires more padding.

Starting from its soft skin to its comfort, the Ziggy Zip by FitFlop has a lot of features to love about. And this makes Ziggy Zip the best shoes for roofing.

Its rubber outsole already gives you a vibe of its great traction making it perfect for roofing. Not just that, there are rubber pods as well that impresses us with its hard-wearing and slip resistant factors and complement the boot greatly. Moreover, the brand boasts to provide cushioning for all day long with its SupercomFF midsole technology which is also known as a pressure-diffusing technology. This tech helps in diffusing underfoot pressure so that it can balance your movement with ease. So, you can get both support and comfort from the boot making it the best shoes for roofing.

To add more, you will also have outside zip letting you put the foot on and off easily. Besides, people have also been seen impressed with its sole for being pretty light. And we count that as a great benefit for comfort. Although, some users felt the ankle area quite narrow to wear that can make it difficult to move your ankle easily. However, it will take a little time to break in, so it’s okay to have this little con.

That said, the Ziggy Zip happens to please women for promoting good foot health. It’s because the boot has earned APMA Seal of Acceptance to ensure both safety and comfort.

*****Pros ***Cons
  • Great traction.
  • SupercomFF midsole technology helps diffuse pressure.
  • Outside zip for easy access.
  • Light sole.
  • Promotes good foot health.
  • Narrow in the ankle area.

A fine combination of elegance and sportiness is what Bradstreet Chukka by Timberland is. You will find the upper constructed with nubuck leather making it the most durable and warm boot for roofing. Although the boot will feel a little warm on the inside, for winter or colder season, you will love having the pair. However, your feet will still get some space to breathe since the boot has a textile lining for breathability.

Just like most of the outsole, Bradstreet Chukka too has used rubber material so that it can offer traction and stay grip to the roof surface. The big plus is its Sensorflex Comfort System which is a technology for outsole to provide constant support, easy flexibility and great cushioning no matter on what roof you step in. Not just that, you will also have OrthoLite foot-bed so that you can get to enjoy the comfort.

The insoles have been made removable so you can replace them with new ones as they are prone to wear out soon. There is also a synthetic padded collar around the ankle area so that it can keep your ankle comfortable and well-cushioned. If you don’t have a tight budget, then you can take these best shoes for roofing into consideration.

*****Pros ***Cons
  • Nu-buck leather for durability.
  • Padded collar for cushioning.
  • Removable insoles.
  • OrthoLite footbed for comfort.
  • Sensorflex Comfort System offers support and flexibility.
  • Great traction.
  • Textile lining offers lightness and breathability.
  • Feet might feel warm.
  • A bit expensive.

  1. Iron Age IA5002  Men’s Trencher

Trencher by Iron Age is a model that can guarantee you to be as comfortable to wear as you want after breaking in period. Yes, it does take a little time to break in, but you can handle that.

The upper is absolutely leather giving the boot solid durability so you can wear it for roofing for a longer time. Moreover, its synthetic sole makes the boot stay attached to the surface of the room firmly so that you can do your construction work easily. Another good side is that the pair comes compliant with ASTM F2413 Safety Standard that is very required for ensuring safety.

Trencher although has EVA cushion insert in its insole that comes with Sponge Rubber Heel Wedge, but you will still need to add arch support or pad for additional comfort. However, these are just small cons to deal with. Overall, we can say that Trencher manages to perform great in budget-friendly cost.

*****Pros ***Cons
  • Meets ASTM F2413 Safety Standard for safety.
  • EVA cushion insert for comfort.
  • The insoles are removable.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Takes time to break in.
  • Requires extra foot pad or arch support.

  • EVER BOOTS “Ultra Dry” 

Ultra Dry by Ever boots is another model that is much eligible to be the best shoes for roofing and we can tell you why. The first thing to notice about this pair is its use of Seal-Direct Attached Construction. This technology basically fuses the sole to the fibers of upper so it can make a tough water-tight bong for offering safety footwear. However, you won’t be able to resolve the boot though.

Speaking of waterproof, its membrane offers a solid barrier from any kind of liquid and also lets your sweat escape easily. So, at the end of your work, you will be left with warm and ultra-dry foot- this is what the title means.

Besides offering waterproof insulation, the boot features mesh-insulated liner that serves the same purpose of dry feet while giving them a chance to breathe. So, it’s evident that the pair will be very much breathable to have. When it comes to its traction, you will have rubber sole coming with a tread pattern to give you both shock-absorbing as well as traction qualities on arch and heel of your foot.

You will also love its midsoles that have been constructed with polyurethane material to help battle foot fatigue so that you can wear the pair for a whole day for roofing. Ultra dry does not have any major cons except for two. One is that the boot comes with flimsy shoelace hook that snaps pretty quick. And two is having zero space in the toe area for movement. However, if you pass the break-in period, it should be fine anyway.

*****Pros ***Cons
  • Seal-Direct Attached Construction for offering safety.
  • Mesh-insulated liner for breathability.
  • Tread pattern for great traction.
  • Helps in battling foot fatigue.
  • Shock-absorbent.
  • No room in the toe area.
  • Shoelace hook is flimsy.

  • Martens 1460 Serena J Black Mohawk 

Even Dr. Martens has their best shoes for roofing and you can call it 1460 Serena J Black Mohawk. The upper has been constructed with smooth patent leather making it a firm and solid boot to try on. Although, the warmth of the boot might annoy you but you will love the overall comfort.

Speaking more of comfort, the boot has sole being cemented to the upper so that it can deliver superior flexibility. Not just that, you will also find textile footbed that helps a lot in making the boot well-cushioning to provide additional comfort. The rubber sole plays a big part in delivering traction to make the roofing job easier. Plus, the outsole has also been air-cushioned so you can wear the boot all day long.

The boot has an easy entry and exit technique due to its inside zip closure. Besides, it also features a lacing system to provide satiating fitment.

*****Pros ***Cons
  • Great traction.
  • Air-cushioned for comfort.
  • Offers flexibility.
  • Foot-bed is well-cushioned.
  • Easy to put on and off for inside zip closure.
  • Lacing system for flexibility.
  • Feet will feel very warm.

  • Rocky Men’s FQ0002984 Western

Western by Rocky will surely give you a comfortable footwear experience, and the boot has proved that. Speaking of its great features, you will have a rubber outsole that has been made oil-resistant to make the pair both grippy and non-slippery.

The dark brown footwear has a round toe coming with flexible Opanka construction so it can offer you a great amount of mobility as well as comfort. Additionally, it features Goodyear welt construction just like most of other Rocky’s model so that you can re-sole the pair anytime you want.

Speaking more of the construction, the upper has been made with absolute leather so durability has been ensured properly. The boot lacks waterproof quality and this might disappoint you a little. But other than this, the Western has a great ability to perform on the field. But before you make a purchase, we would advise you to go with one size big since users have claimed it running small.

*****Pros ***Cons
  • Great traction.
  • Flexible Opanka construction.
  • Goodyear welt construction for frequent re-sole of the pair.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Might lack waterproof quality.
  • Might run small.

Freeport by Revelstoke is all about comfort and durability making it the best shoes for roofing work. Its upper has been manmade with faux suede material to ensure solidity and quality. As for the traction, the rubber outsole saves the day by performing great enough to work for a longer period wearing it.

Since its ideal for harsh winter, you will be able to work in a very cold environment easily. Not just that, the toe of Freeport has also been made with a waterproof rubber material so that the boot does not allow any liquid to get into the boot. However, the shaft is not waterproof though.

When it comes to the overall construction, you will love how the collar has been designed with faux Sherpa to give a warm and soft feeling so you can feel comfortable at work. Moreover, you will also love the insole that is well-cushioned enough for additional comfort. Although it would be greater if it had more support in wide width area. But, that should not discourage you from grabbing it.

Please note that if you opt for getting these best shoes for roofing, do check the fitment since people claimed that the pair runs a bit big.

*****Pros ***Cons
  • Great traction.
  • Ideal for harsh winter.
  • Toe has waterproof rubber material.
  • Faux Sherpa offers a warm and soft feeling.
  • The insole is well-cushioned and light
  • Might run big.
  • Requires more support all around.

Vent refers to ventilation so Moab 2 will have a lot of breathabilities to offer by the brand Merrel. Upper coming with a fine mix of leather and mesh, your feet will get the space to breathe leaving them all warm and dry as well.

The outsole is definitely synthetic with Vibram TC5+ so that it can offer the kind of traction you want. So, there is no bargaining on its grip. You will also find the shoe to be very waterproof and dustproof since its tongue having constructed with closed cell foam helps in keeping the moisture and the dust out of its body. The shank has been made with molded nylon so that it can give great support to your arch areas while lessening foot fatigue on the roof.

Although they won’t be very flexible but you will still feel the comfort from wearing them. Not just that, the brand has also ensured additional comfort and durability with an extra protective rubber toe cap that you will find just in front of the footwear.

*****Pros ***Cons
  • Great traction.
  • Closed cell foam makes it waterproof and dustproof.
  • Molded nylon shank offers arch support and reduces foot fatigue.
  • Rubber toe cap for added comfort and durability
  • Not very flexible.

The Buying Guide:

Things to consider:


Get a pair whose outsole will be grippy enough to provide great traction on both steep and slippery roofs.

Out of all the material, it’s the rubber that makes the sole very effective when it comes to metal and asphalt roofing. Not only they offer traction but also are lighter than the other materials.

You can also go with the shoes that have spikes on the bottom if you are working with wooden roofs.

However, such a feature also helps in keeping you protected from doing any damage to roofs while ensuring your feet’s safety.

And if you find yourself working in a colder environment, you can opt for boots with cleats since they happen to be very nonslip to offer extra grip that you will need for roofing.


As you will working on great heights, you will need to ensure your feet’s safety and protection. And for this, support from the shoes plays a great role here.

Look for a pair that will help in covering your ankles while stabilizing them. As a result, it will prevent strains and sprains while providing you much-needed security that you will require to work for roofing.

Light and Flexibility:

You will also need a lighter pair that will give you the kind of stability you want on your ankle areas. And flexibility is also a must-have a factor in this case.

Make sure that the boot is designed with pliable soft and rugged material so you can bend your feet in any angle. Since roofing requires a lot of squatting and awkward position, you will surely need to have this factor.


Surely you will need a pair that you can wear for a long period comfortably. Since being a roofer, you are likely to work for hours, you will need to ensure comfort when it comes to shoes for roofing.

For this, have a look at the midsoles and insoles and check if they have been designed to offer shock-absorption and anti-fatigue technology for added comfort.

Moreover, you will also need to keep the upper material on the mind. So, make sure you get one that will make the boot embrace your foot rather than hurting it.


First thing first, never go for roofing if it is raining, because it will not only cause inconvenience but also will be very dangerous.

However, even if you live in such an area where monsoon weather dominates, then having a waterproof boot becomes a must.

Having such a factor will let the boot keep your feet dry for your comfort and safety. It will prevent moisture from getting into the boot while letting your sweat escape.


Roofing under high temperature can be stressful and devastating at the same time. And you will not be able to be productive if your feet are sweaty due to extreme heat.

Hence, you will need to ensure breathability of the boot. So, check if the boot has that factor which will let the air flow keeping your foot dry and cool during the scorching season.


Full grain leather: This material is the most durable and solid material to have. Although it will lack ventilation but it is able to ensure the harshest abuse.

Suede leather: It is kind of leather that comes with a softer finish. Unlike full-grain, you will find the material breathable as well as flexible and light. Moreover, it also provides great durability and protection.

Synthetic: This material will be very breathable although lacks enough durability.


Lacing system and size are two of the most essential features that ensure fitment of the shoes.

Makes sure you get a pair that will provide a snug and secure fit instead of tight.

The quality of laces should also be taken in mind. Because there are many shoes that come with low-quality laces and end up disappointing users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why roofing shoes are different than other shoes?

A: You will require all kinds of benefits of a work boot when it comes to roofing shoes, be it safety features or traction. However, you will also need a pair that will let your feet move freely because such a job requires a lot of feet movement, and this factor might not be provided by a number of shoes.

Q: What kind of footwear I should not be wearing for roofing?

A: You must not wear footwear such as slippers, sandals, flip flops or anything that comes with flimsy straps. It’s because these are likely to snap while wearing them for roofing. Moreover, it is also wise to not go with soft soled shoes as they will wear down easily on hot and rough terrains while not giving you enough grip to work comfortably. You will also need to stay away from bulky shoes as well.

Wrap up

So, these 13 were found to be the most impressive pairs that will be very ideal for all the roofers out there. Hopefully, now it will be easy for you to pick the next pair up so that you get to enjoy roofing comfortably.

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